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Our Mission

Why Erudites

Professional headshot of Liz CapantsWe were launched to provide a global networking platform to promote the growth of our respective businesses. This is achieved through weekly meetings, mastermind small group collaboration, event curation to accelerate business growth, and giving back to our community. Read the full story HERE

Why Join Us?

Erudites offers several options for membership; Business Individual, Business Corporate, Executives in Transition, and Student. Benefits vary depending on the type of membership, and include: Networking group sessions, Peer group advisory and mentoring, Mastermind meetups, Exclusive invitations to curated Events, and a Collaborative deal platform mechanism through a vetted network.
Erudites offers several options for annual membership:
Business Individual Annual Membership: $799
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Our Purpose

Professional headshot of Liz Capants

Liz Capants, Founder of Erudites Networking Group, spearheaded the group with the goal of curating a global community of affiliate referral partnerships to drive business growth, while also serving the community. The goal of Erudites is to bring like-minded professionals together in an environment that encourages and facilitates referrals, exchange of knowledge and ideas, and ways to give back.

Erudites is a membership based organization, and has grown as an expansion of Liz’s consulting and search business, EBC Associates. The mission and vision is to provide a platform to think bigger, network strategically, and to give back. Erudites offers a foundation for collaboration driven by shared purpose.

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We meet once a week to connect and share new business referrals. We provide an unparalleled network and the platform for you to share your expertise and ideas. In addition, we facilitate focused mastermind groups, and curated events to spur business growth.


Think strategically and build a professional referral network while also giving back to the community. The goal of the group is to foster relationships, share referrals, and volunteer. When you join Erudites, you will collaborate with people globally, and across all industries and disciplines.


Erudites is a membership based organization. We look to optimize our businesses for profit. Prospective members may visit our meetings and then submit an application. We will review your application, and notify you of acceptance.