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The Erudites Story

Find out the unique story behind the the founding of this great networking group, and how this fast growing group has started a networking trend.

Liz Capants, Founder

Professional headshot of Liz CapantsLiz Capants, Founder of Erudites Networking Group, spearheaded the group with the goal of curating a global community of affiliate referral partnerships to drive business growth, while also serving the community. The goal of Erudites is to bring like-minded professionals together in an environment that encourages and facilitates referrals, exchange of knowledge and ideas, and ways to give back.

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Leadership Team

Professional headshot of Gary IrelandGary Ireland, Law Offices of Gary Ireland
• Helping clients maximize income and benefits when joining a company, enhancing severance and asserting legal rights when leaving.
• Gary is active as an advocate for inclusion and non-discrimination. He recently prevailed in an advocacy campaign to allow girls and young women to participate at all levels of scouting within the Boy Scouts of America.


Professional headshot of Yvonne DamYvonne Dam, Executive Coach.
• Coaching ambitious executives and business owners to maximize results while minimizing their efforts.
• Double your income and not your hours, by changing your mindset and implementing your goal-getting strategy.
• Be the CEO of Your Life.


Professional headshot of David SafeerDavid Safeer, David Safeer International
• Business Consultant, providing cash flow to sustain growth for companies. David is an expert in cash flow management systems.
• David Safeer International works with businesses seeking financing.


Professional headshot of Christopher PiechotaChristopher Piechota, CEO, Christopher William Design
• Luxury technology smart home solutions.
• Servicing homeowners, interior designers, architects, developers and real estate teams to create amazing technology experiences.


Professional headshot of David CunicDavid Cunic, CEO, U.C.S. Advisors and Investor Relations
• Providing advisory services with three verticals: cannabis business advisory, investor relations services, and Cannabis Industry Awareness Program.


Professional headshot of Kathleen McMorrowKathleen McMorrow, Principal, Public Relations
• Lead comprehensive national B2B and B2C enterprise communications firm specializing in cohensive impression management across all media (website content, publicity, social media, thought leadership, branded events)
• Significant expertise in global law firms, commercial real estate and allied services, authors/speakers, hospitality, consumer products, cybertechnology, biotech/pharma, animal wellness/equestrian and faith-based organizations
• More than two decades of expert corporate and consumer storytelling with editorial placements in elite national and international media