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Non Profits

Non Profits We Support

Erudites Networking Group instills philanthropy into our culture. We provide volunteer and giving opportunities to inspire engagement and give back to our communities. We support the following non profit organizations:
Official logo of Peoples Prep Charter School People’s Preparatory Charter School
• Our mission is to prepare all of our students to graduate from the college of their choice as informed, involved, and resilient citizens. DONATE

Official logo of Move For Hunger.orgMove For Hunger
• Erudites Networking Group Is Fighting Hunger One Move At A Time! Please help us help those with less. DONATE

Official logo of big brothers and big sistersBig Brothers Big Sisters
• Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children realize their potential and build their futures. We nurture children and strengthen communities. And we couldn't do any of it without you. DONATE

Official logo of Wings For GrowthWings For Growth
Our Passion to Develop Women Leaders Worldwide is Unshakable - In 2016 March, WINGS CEO and Founder Ms. Waishampayan looked back upon her nearly three-decade career as a woman on Wall Street. She decided the lessons she had learned would be put to better use mentoring women who already were out of the classroom and in the workforce. She felt there is a need and the opportunity to have a mentoring and coaching program which is company and industry agnostic and focuses on developing women with leadership potential. Visit Us