What are people saying?

I am deeply grateful to be part of this network group, a solid community with respectful members who are elite in their fields supporting business growth by exchanging resources and referrals.
Jennie M.
Jennie M. RE Broker
I have most enjoyed meeting like-minded, principled individuals looking to make a positive difference, while building their businesses.

Erudites is a tight-knit group of high-level executives from various sectors who have come to rely on each other for advice.

Erudites provides a high quality network of people who are fundamentally down to earth and interested in helping each other more than themselves. A truly rare and rewarding group of execs!
Morgan M.
Morgan M. Entrepreneur
"The Erudites are a unique group of like-minded professionals who enjoy making real connections with their fellow group members. Members becomes friends who share insights and best practices which can be applied within one’s own business as well as with external clients. I have formed some lasting friendships and business contacts through my affiliation with the Erudites Group, and I am proud to be one of their members”. -Roy Peter
Roy P.
Roy P. Consultant
"What a great group Liz Capants - I don't know any other company that offers this type of activity and comradery for both job seekers and people wanting to share knowledge and give back. Thank you!”. -Jan Madura
Jan M.
Jan M. Director
“Erudites is a great community of driven, like-minded professionals from around the globe! Liz Capants does a fantastic job leading the group, building comradery, and offering additional meetings for those looking to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills. I'm newer to the group, but I'm really looking forward to building on the already close relationships I've built”. -Michael M.
Michael M.
Michael M. Entrepreneur
When a networking group's name is "Erudites," the quality of its members had better be high, and the value it provides needs to be premiere -- and this group delivers. I liken Erudites to a movement: top-tier entrepreneurs, business owners, and business development specialists within larger companies coming together to develop real relationships, share genuinely useful information about their subject matters of expertise, and give back to both the larger world (via charitable support) and each other. The founder, Liz Capants, is relentless in her quest to find creative and highly engaging ways for the members to meet each other and build bonds through unique experiential events. The members, from throughout the USA and Europe, each have substantial networks of their own as well as strong reputations in their respective bailiwicks. But, most importantly, they share a commitment to creating a warm, well-informed, and mutually supportive atmosphere, while helping each others' businesses grow. Erudites isn't just another networking group. It is simply extraordinary.
Scott M.
Scott M. Lawyer
"I was so happy to find this group of professional talented individuals. This group exceeds my expectations! I have found clients in the group for my business and have had the pleasure to be the client for others. The Erudites Networking Group is an outstanding community to invest time in, give back, and make good friends and connections. The social meetups have returned, and it is very exciting to have this back again! Assisting with the social media, I look forward to showcasing each members’ business and highlight their experience here too.”. -Maria N.