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Professional headshot of Anthony DenizardAnthony Denizard, Executive & Board Member
Anthony Denizard is a C-Level Executive, Global Growth Strategist, Operational Wizard and Guest Lecturer with nearly two decades of diversified experience in streamlining, scaling and selling all types of businesses. In senior corporate and advisory roles, he has masterminded with startups, emerging companies, non-profits, Fortune 100 brands, multinationals, celebrities and influencers in various industries—from aviation, aerospace, government and technology, to retail, apparel and entertainment. His superpower: turning chaos into profits.

Growing up in a bicultural family, and working in various business environments, taught Anthony how to both appreciate and leverage diversity; it’s why he’s able to quickly identify individual strengths and build synergistic high-performance teams. You won’t ever find him on the sidelines of really anything, as he utilizes a participative leadership style and is at his best when surrounded by thinkers and innovators. While navigating the operations of multi-million-dollar companies, Anthony has also navigated air, land and sea as an avid boater, a member of the Civil Air Patrol (who flew search & rescue missions!), and a classic Mercedes Benz enthusiast who revels in restoring old cars.


Professional headshot of May WuMay Wu, Executive & Board Member
May Wu is a former financial services professional, with a 26 years global career at Citigroup and 3 years in projects and consulting experience with large and SME companies. She has held leadership experience across marketing, client management, compliance, operations, and human resources in Citi, in both Asia Pacific and the U.S. Her project consulting experience with Citi, American Express and with SME companies focused on improving processes, risk management practices, and creating and training content to meet critical business needs. May’s primary’s qualifications for Erudites' Board are in project management, sales and marketing, process and procedures, and corporate governance. She a graduate of the University of Rochester with a B.A. in Psychology. She is also an IRS Certified Tax Aide (Advanced Level) volunteer with AARP Foundation.

May grew up and is a long-time resident of New York City, and also lived and worked in Hong Kong for 20 years.


Professional headshot of Brian E. ThomasBrian E. Thomas, Chief Technology Officer
Brian E. Thomas has served in several senior leadership roles, including Chief Information Officer, Deputy CIO, and Healthcare Executive in the Fortune 500, Healthcare and public sector spaces. He is known for delivering innovative and user-friendly solutions to the business partners and customers he serves.

Brian has been featured in several publications including the Harvard Business Review, and was recently named one of the Top 100 Chief Information Technology Officers by Richtopia. He is a regular contributor to CIO Online, the greater IDG organization, and other digital publications. He is also a Founding Fellow for the American College of Healthcare Trustees.

Brian holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Phoenix and an MBA from Baker University. Additionally, he has obtained the following certificates:
  • Organizational Leadership – University of Virginia
  • Artificial Intelligence – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Digital Transformation – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).