Young Erudites

Young Erudites

several college students laughing and walking together
Young Erudites looking to start their careers

Welcome to the Young Erudites Networking Group, an expansion of the global Erudites Networking Group.

We have recently expanded Erudites and created Young Erudites, to better address the needs of those who have recently graduated from college or vocational school. Our aim is to help these newer graduates develop early-stage networking and “soft skills,” setting them up for long-term career success. With the guidance of our community and the support of their peers, they will further develop their career management skills.

Young Erudites will learn to develop:

  • A Career Community of Peers, Mentors, and Leaders
  • Interview Preparation / Soft Skills / Networking
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Selfie Background Check
  • Resume Evaluation
  • Financial Literacy

We look forward to meeting you! Please sign up here to register.