EBC Adds Interim and Project-Based Consulting to Recruitment Services

In response to the continued growth of the gig economy, EBC Associates has expanded its executive search and recruitment services offerings to include placements for interim and project-based consultancy positions. EBC offers end-to-end talent solutions, including permanent placement search, and now, placement for interim staffing, project-based consulting and board advisory positions.

Growing gig economy drives need for interim placements

The new service is something that EBC Associates founder Liz Capants has been eager to offer, with the gig economy projected pre-pandemic to double in 5 to 10 years. The shift from traditional 9-to-5 work to the gig economy has been influenced by worker preferences for jobs that offer flexibility and by the digital technologies that have decoupled work from office spaces. “Now, with the number of gig workers projected to grow even faster with pandemic-driven shifts in how and where people work, it makes sense to expand EBC’s service offerings to help companies find the right candidates for interim C-level positions – CEO, COO, CMO, etc. — as well as consulting assignments.”

Interim roles can be win-win

“Many businesses need leaders for a technology or software project and are looking for someone to be in that interim role for several years,” Capants notes, adding that because employers are not paying for benefits or other overhead costs for these consultants, it’s less of an investment for the employer. “Often the consultant can make more as a 1099 consultant than as an employee,” she adds. “There’s a need for interim project consulting on the creative / marketing side as well. One of our clients does work as an interim sales leader, puts metrics and training in place, gets it all up and running, even hires someone, and then goes on to the next gig.”

Gig work can integrate with networking

For job seekers, being active in the gig economy has an important tie to the all-important practice of networking. “Taking an interim professional position or consulting gigs while you are hunting for a position gives you more contacts,” Capants notes. “Although some interim gigs are full time, a candidate might be able to juggle two different assignments, and thus find more opportunities to have exposure with multiple employers.

It’s about having options, if one of those projects comes to an end or changes. You can also get exposure as a consultant, and it helps to keep your networking going. It’s all part of putting yourself out there and building your brand so people know what you do – and where you’ll fit for your next gig, whether it’s an interim or long-term position.” Job seekers may also want to integrate board service into their networking efforts, to help increase visibility and put key skills sets to work.  

A holistic approach to recruitment services

Capants and her team at EBC Associates take a holistic approach to recruitment services and placement, building relationships with employers and getting to know candidates and their backgrounds to be able to connect them with the right networking and job opportunities. To learn more about how EBC’s new interim and project-based recruitment services can help you, as either an employer or a candidate, please contact EBC at [email protected].