Reposted. Originally by Paige West

Following on from six years of success and growth of the Erudites Network in New York and throughout the USA, it has expanded to enable members to further connect to a global network; unlocking access to business experts from diverse backgrounds, industries, and organisations. 

Erudites Networking Group was founded by CEO Liz Capants as a subsidiary of EBC Associates’ executive search and consulting practice, to help connect businesses and job seekers, to facilitate referrals, exchange knowledge and ideas, as well as give back philanthropically to the community.

Heather Barrie will be leading the new London branch and this initiative will enable Erudites Networking to grow, enabling members to connect from New York to Mumbai, including Europe and Africa, for cross referrals and building collaborative business opportunities. 

Its net worth comes from its network. The power of knowing the right people is where it starts – whether you’re a startup or established business. When you surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs, and support circles that include mentors, investors, and business partners, and interact with people with similar interests, this is where ideas and business opportunities are created.   

Networking is a source of knowledge, support, new clients and suppliers, referral partners and business growth. Erudites has created a safe place to grow and develop a network as the value of the relationships that we build throughout our business journeys is integral to our success. Through long term trusted relationships, Erudites provides a global networking mechanism to promote the growth of each member’s respective business. This is achieved through weekly meetings, mastermind small group collaboration, event curation to accelerate business growth and the support of non-profits through fundraising and volunteer work. 

Erudites offers several options for membership: Business Individual, Business Corporate. For careers, Erudites offers Executives in Transition, and a Student Membership. Benefits vary depending on the type of membership, and include educational networking group sessions, peer group advisory and mentoring, mastermind meetups, exclusive invitations to curated events, as well as a unique shared revenue model. 


Erudites Networking Group is a global community of like-minded business professionals. Erudites was founded by CEO Liz Capants to connect businesses and job seekers, to facilitate referrals, exchange knowledge and ideas, as well as give back philanthropically to the community. As networking has transitioned online, Erudites has continued to expand globally to create a broader and richer network of professionals who act as force-multipliers for each other, whether they are seeking to grow a business or explore a new career opportunity. Erudites’ unique networking and revenue share model enables quality opportunities to connect and support businesses and executives worldwide. 

Heather is a polypreneur and alongside Erudites, she is also the Inspirational Facilitator at Effective Entrepreneurs and Three Cornered Hat Training and passionate owner of Harrie’s Coffee.