Recruitment Disruption & Hiring Trends for 2022

To hire or be hired successfully in 2022, focus on networking, connection, engagement, strong branding, and hiring trends.

Maintain connections to build talent pipeline

In 2022, networking will remain essential, whether you’re a candidate or the professional charged with finding one. A recent Forbes article notes that recruiting practices will change: “Instead of sitting around and waiting, companies will need to search for and engage with talent on a continual basis to accelerate their hiring. This could alter the way recruiters work. They’ll need to be strategic and offer a continual personalized reach out to potential candidates. In-house corporate talent acquisition professionals must stay in close touch, nurturing relationships with potential future applicants, and build a solid pipeline.” Maintaining connections and seeking out new ones will be key – for recruiters and candidates..

Use engagement to attract and retain talent

Employee retention may be just as difficult as hiring, according to an analysis by Glassdoor’s Daniel Zhao, who notes that “2021 should be a template for what to expect in 2022.” With the continued imbalance between labor supply and demand, the lessons of the past year still apply. Zhao recommends that companies recognize that “many employees are looking not just for a job, but for a career and a community. Whether it means investing in DEI, offering career development opportunities or building community across company and home offices, it will be more important than ever to focus on employee engagement and the workplace experience.”

Implement more incentive and referral programs to also include temporary workers

According to one Inc. article, we’ll see a “dramatic increase in high-value incentive programs,” which “can be particularly useful because candidates are essentially ‘pre-screened’ by the employee who is referring their friend or someone they know. Using a referral program creates trust among your team because they’re helping grow the organization” and creating “even more touch-points and connections for them internally.”

Companies that conquer the “talent crunch” will “widen their funnel of candidates by seeking those with a broader set of desired capabilities from a much more diverse pool,” according to the Harvard Business Review. “Focusing on a wider set of capabilities germane to each role can open up a larger pool of desirable candidates.” So, if a company finds someone who has the capabilities “most predictive of success in a role, the new hire can learn the rest on the job,” through formal and informal training. 

Have a strong brand that sets you apart

The Harvard Business Review article also highlighted three factors that strongly influence where the most talented candidates want to work. They are: a commitment to diversity and inclusion, transparent and accountable senior management, and a culture of coaching and development. The Forbes article noted that HR teams will need to “prioritize employer brand initiatives – or even define and hire for a head of employer brand role – to convey their culture, values, and vision.

The bottom line? Employers will need to brand themselves as a great place to work, and candidates need to brand themselves to highlight what they bring to the table in terms of skills, experience, and their own personal mission.

Hiring trends

Here’s to jumping into the new year with energy and enthusiasm! As you plan for future growth in 2022, please reach out for a consultation. I and the rest of the EBC Associates team would love to help you find the right fit with all the hiring trends.