Seven Laws of Networking: Embracing the Mantra, Those Who Give, Get

The act of networking, when done right, can lead to an exponential increase in opportunities, connections, and growth. In the business realm, mastering networking is akin to mastering the art of relationship building. The age-old adage “those who give, get” lies at the heart of effective networking, representing the essence of reciprocity. Let’s unpack the seven fundamental laws of networking, encapsulating this philosophy.

  1. The Law of Value: The first law of networking revolves around creating value before you extract it. In every interaction, ask yourself: “How can I add value to this person’s life or business?” This might be through sharing knowledge, offering assistance, or connecting them with someone who can help. The ability to provide genuine value primes the relationship for reciprocity.
  2. The Law of Currency: Information is the currency of networking. By staying updated with industry trends, emerging technologies, and relevant news, you make yourself a valuable resource. Sharing relevant information not only demonstrates your expertise but also positions you as a valuable link in your network.
  3. The Law of Generosity: The more you give, the more you receive. Networking is not merely a transactional exchange but a relationship built on generosity. Providing help without expecting immediate returns fosters trust and goodwill, creating a positive cycle of giving and receiving.
  4. The Law of Authenticity: Genuine relationships are the bedrock of robust networks. Authenticity, which involves being true to your words, actions, and commitments, paves the way for deeper connections. Authenticity in networking fosters trust, making others more likely to want to help you in return.
  5. The Law of Patience: Networking is a long-term investment. The fruits of your efforts may not be immediate but, with patience, the seeds you sow today will yield returns in the future. The key lies in nurturing relationships over time rather than seeking immediate gains.
  6. The Law of Six Degrees: The concept of “six degrees of separation” holds that we’re all connected through six or fewer social connections. In networking, this law implies that every person you meet carries a network of their own, opening doors to an expanded web of connections. Therefore, every connection you make counts.
  7. The Law of Reciprocity: The essence of networking lies in the cycle of give and take. Reciprocity is not about keeping score but about creating a balance of mutual assistance. When you help others, they are often naturally inclined to help you, creating a sustainable cycle of support.

These seven laws — value, currency, generosity, authenticity, patience, six degrees, and reciprocity — form the foundations of successful networking. They encapsulate the wisdom in the saying, “those who give, get.” By adopting a mindset of giving, you prime your professional relationships for reciprocal benefits.

Remember, networking isn’t a mere one-off event; it’s a continuous process of building and nurturing relationships. Aim to add value, remain authentic, patient, and generous, and leverage the law of six degrees to expand your horizons. Engage in the art of reciprocity, and you’ll find that the rewards of networking often exceed your initial contributions.