The Power of Gratitude, The Power of Giving, and Networking

Giving empowers you. Every day we have the opportunity to make an impact on someone else’s life. Be it a coworker, colleague, friend, the cashier at the grocery store, or a family member. Almost every person you come in contact with has something they are going through, and they will appreciate knowing that you care.

It’s not just about making the other person feel good – although that is a nice side effect. When you take the time to express your gratitude, you are actually changing your own life in a pretty significant way too.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation. It can be directed towards other people, objects, or situations. Gratitude has been shown to have a number of positive effects on mental and physical health, as well as on relationships.

Why should we practice gratitude? Gratitude has been linked with a number of positive outcomes, including:

• Greater well-being and happiness

• Improved mental health, including reduced symptoms of depression

• Lower stress levels and better coping mechanisms in difficult situations

• Stronger immune system functioning

• More positive relationships, both with others and with oneself

The Importance of Gratitude and Giving in Networking

When you express gratitude to someone, it not only makes them feel good, but it also makes you feel good. Gratitude is a two-way street. Not only does the person receiving the gratitude feel good, but the person giving the gratitude also feels good. This is because when we express gratitude, we are opening ourselves up to receiving the positive emotions of kindness, thoughtfulness, and caring.

Gratitude is all in a day’s work.

Forget about what others can do for you. Do unto others. Giving first creates deeper community connections.

Networking is a give and take relationship. People respect givers once they understand their contribution to the community. Being a giver not only is more fulfilling in the long run, but creates a vault of social currency.

With utmost gratitude to all my clients, colleagues, and friends. #givefirst