How to Network Effectively In 2023

It’s time to rethink what networking actually means. Networking is one of the most important things you can do for your career and business. But, how much time do we all spend networking, either online or in person events? When we look back at 2022 and track where our time is spent, how much of it involves good old networking? What are the outcomes of these initiatives? Are you gaining new knowledge and perspectives to transform and grow your business and career? What peers have been instrumental to your business? Let’s take a deeper dive into the purpose of establishing a solid network.

Are you one of those who dread the thought of networking, idle chit chat and getting to know yous?

I’m on a mission to shift the perspective on networking. When you create a vetted, trusted group of colleagues – who educate and challenge each other and innovate sparks of creativity – the skies the limit. Business leaders in a variety of fields that augment what you do are key to being in your corner.

Why? No man / woman is an island.

Networking is one thing but being able to utilize it is another thing.

It is an essential craft to master. With the right approach your professional network acts as your sales team, affording you job and business opportunities you may not have discovered on your own. Tap in. Lean in. Inspirations and innovations are most found from external relationships. This leads to growth. And growth is essential for us all. One example for myself – Tina Larsson, Co-Founder of The Folson Group, has inspired me to consider writing a book. Could I do this? Maybe.

Assume others don’t know what you do or how you do it. Educate them. What makes you unique? Add your uniqueness to your why. Share it! When you share your story it creates pathways for others to remember you. This yields new opportunities and challenges you many never have considered.

Be ubiquitous. Be curious. Have fun with learning.

Ask questions and listen actively so that you can learn more about the other person. Don’t be afraid to share stories and insights; networking is a two-way street. Most people love being asked for help. It’s flattering. Ask. Offer helpful ideas in return, and exchange best practices and knowledge with your network.

Effective networking helps grow your professional brand. Be visible and get noticed in 2023! By continuing to put yourself out there, you (sometimes unknowingly) are building your own self confidence. The more you articulate what you do, the better the delivery of your message.

Show interest in what matters to your peers. Find out what their interests are and care. Be positive and enthusiastic (of course it’s not possible ALL the time) when you meet new people. It’s OK if you’re having a bad day. We all do. Show up. Show your authenticity and find common ground with the person you’re talking to that goes beyond work-related topics. This will help them remember you and create a more meaningful connection.

Networking events come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from formal business lunches to informal gatherings at a local bar or cafe. They can also be focused on specific topics, or they can be more general in nature. What’s best for you? Do your research and decide.

Take inventory of your network. Are you being challenged and inspired by your network? Have you received helpful advice and mentoring? Have you grown your personal and professional brand? Have you been introduced to potential business and career opportunities?

Network effectively.

Can you measure the strength of your relationships? Do you segment contacts to ensure you develop all? Learn to stay abreast of new developments in your field and stay on top of industry trends and changes.

And, most important, network to connect around a cause. What attracts and retains others mostly is the notion of connecting for a greater purpose other than ourselves. Erudites Networking Group, connecting professionals globally while integrating purpose and giving back to our communities. How does purpose fit into your business goals and revenue model? Join us for our meet up on Thursday, 1/26, 5:30 pm, register here: Cheers to a prosperous networking 2023. We look forward to meeting you!